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Silk Scapes

Silk Scapes are transparent prints of my paintings, with silk sandwiched between glass. They are meant to go in a window and have a copper foil frame, corner eyes and monofiliment for hanging.

I invented this process after I was developing carpal tunnel in my wrist from spending too many hours squeezing the tube of resist. I wanted to continue to offer my work to the public, and at a reasonable cost. I also wanted the paintings to be illuminated by light and traditional direct dye application was very unstable in the light. I was asking my spirit guides to help me figure out a way to continue and hooray! This process came to me. I have been making "Silk Scapes" for 12 years.


The different Silk Scapes are organized by size. Simply select the size you would like from the list below to show a full listing of currently available designs.

3x8 prints

3x11 prints heart themes

4x4 prints

5x7 prints

6x11 prints

8x10 prints

8x8 prints

10x12 prints

Aha! Abstracts